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JetPack Perth is the WA's first coastal Jetpack experience. Based in Rockingham Beach our Professional Instructors offer Jetpack training for you to get to grips with this ultimate water Jetpack or Flyboard

The Jetpack is propelled by a water jet connected to Jetski (PWC). This provides underwater propulsion and flights of up to 10 metres high for the Jetpack Rider.

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Jetpack Perth

Jules and Mike from Magic Radio UK Jetpacking and Flyboarding

Magic Radio UK visiting Jetpack Perth

Mar 9th 5:49am • No Comments

Jetpack or Flyboard $99 pp for a group of two

Jetpack Perth


Feb 9th 12:11am • 22 Comments

Come for a Jetpack or Flyboard flight and you could be lucky enough to swim with dolphins..
What a great spot!!

Jetpack Perth dolphin swimming

Dec 6th, 2015 9:18am • 2 Comments